GALLERY IMPRESSIONS of LISSABON These are all my own pictures I have taken, my "art" to be and to show you one of the expressions of the Manipura Chakra  ...  ... in terms of: What is my own way to go?  Where are my talents?  What can I do to fullfill  the meaning of my life?  Enjoy the trip: You are what you "Art" In Lisbon you meet almost every town in the world: Breakfast in San Francisco: You can see the  Golden Gate Bridge behind ...  Walking into town ...  The door and port of Europe ...  The streets and houses of Lisbon... It could be Paris, New York, Malaga, Palermo or New Orleans...  Artwork ...  On the rooftops of Lisbon Caribian Feeling   ...  Our Chakra Hotels In town: Nr. 1 Nr. 2 WC Boutique Hotel This Hotel is a huge big bathroom with bathingtops / Badewannen  Nr. 3  Lisbon City Hotel   Next to this wonderful church Last but not least...  The famous "Straßenbahn" For more Informations,  please contact me to book your ManipuraTrip.  Carpe Diem