ChakraWork on the Aolian Islands


on the Aolian Islands/Sicely

21. - 27.04.2024


01. - 07.10.2024

This Retreat is a body and mind experience to discover your whole inner source of energy! 

You will discover all your inner 12 chakras and lesen about the meaning behind. 

You will find your own way to live a life in health and harmony. 

You are what you art.

You will be moving your body and soul system to create a new birth within yourself!

It is time for changing, transforming into a higher level of conciousness. 

You will experience  ChakraWork as a mystic experience during the whole day. 

Whatever is needed to workout with and which is meant to get back in harmony you will do through excercises and mental training.

The whole environment will be part and scenery of your inner experiences. 

Especially the Vulcan islands invite you to discover your own Vulcan inside. 

Vulcan means: 

Holy Island


A mystic experience is waiting for you... 

On the Aolian Islands

Stromboli, the "aktiv Vulcan"

Discover your Energy System within

The Chakra System

Earth chakra


You will feel the earth within you and experience what strenghens you from deep inside and gives you confidence. 

You will learn the most important Hatha yoga asanas in order to keep the body healthy and fit. 

You will feel like the rock in the surf!

Sakral chakra


You will experience the water within yourself and feel all the motions and emotions and discover them in a brand new way.

You will enjoy your lust of life and learn the energetic flow yoga. 

You'll dance and go with the flow.

Solar plexus chakra


You will feel and use your fire within and the power and heat of your own inner source of energy in order to find new ways in your life. 

You'll discover your personal power to achieve your goal and become or realize that you are the creator of your life and future. 

Heart chakra


You will feel the air within yourself, and breath life in and out. 

You will strengthen your complete respiratory system in order to absorb more prana out of the atmosphere. 

You will experience how you can live from love and air with wonderful pranayama lessons. 

Breathe, live, and love.

Throat chakra


You will experience your inner space, the ether within you, which gives you room for your own presence.

You learn how to have a look on your thoughts and to let them flow and to give them a new structure. 

You will see how you can create your own way of thinking and positive mantras to control your mind. 

You learn how to write your own scripture of life and to be the author of your life's new book-chapter. 

Chakra of the forehead


You will feel your inner silence and enjoy yourself. In meditation you will dive into the infinite source of your energy. 

You will become calm and experience the status of meditation. 

Crown chakra

(Sahasrara Chakra) 

The mystic chakra of transformation. 

Find out what it is all about. 

Discover chakra 7 - 12

There is more to find out about your inner world, which will be reflected by the outer world. 

Hotel Mea - Aeolian Charme in Lipari

The Mea Hotel in Lipari is located just a short walk from the historical centre of Lipari, where you can enjoy the panorama of the Bay of Marina Lunga and the castle of Lipari, this is the ideal place to stay in the Aeolian Islands.

Mea Hotel was designed with the intention of merging style, design, materials, furniture and objects characteristic of the Aeolian Islands. The result is that the hotel because of the history of Sicily represents the fusion of two cultures, Western and Arabian.

The property is part of the "Aeolian Charme" chain where hospitality, elegance and quality are the very essence of a new accommodation philosophy on the islands.

I hope to meet you there 🌸

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